Halo Main Theme Music Transcription

Devin Eastman has produced a transcription of the Halo main theme by Marty O'Donnell. The file archive contains a PrintMusic document, a MIDI file.

Here is what Devin writes about the archive:

I tried to make all the notes in this piece as accurate as possible (just by listening to the real song over and over and over again), but I have purposely altered a few of the notes in order to make it easier to play. For example, the left hand is mostly triplets, but in some measures I tied them so it is easier to play the following high notes. In addition, since this song was not originally meant for the piano, you may find it difficult to figure out an easy finguring pattern. I would suggest that in measures 36-39 and 54-57 that you use both the right and left hands to play the bass notes. I may post this on my website some time with finguring suggestions (as soon as I make a website).

Registered users can download the archive, just like usual.

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