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Sword Flying

The Sword Flying trick was first extensively demonstrated on Metropolis. The procedure for executing it is somewhat complicated; it involves parking a Warthog in an area where a Phantom attacks, targeting the plasma sword on one of the Phantom's turrets, and then waiting until the Phantom has withdrawn before exiting the vehicle. You will be propelled in whatever direction you face; this method can be used to extensively explore the level, including otherwise unreachable areas and is a way to retrieve the Scarab Gun without a Banshee (although you can't get back down with it...)

Basically it seems as if the sword lunge attack has issues dealing with targets that are out of range, and this is one manifestation of it; it may be possible in other levels as well.



how do u get the sword anyways...

The scarab gun is not fake its totally true.When you get to the part where you enter the tunnel get in a ghost and start luring it through the tunnel by shooting by it continusly...when you get to the part where the warthog comes blow it up and lure it over that barrier then kill all covenants in sight when you lure it to the last barrier (note)If its stuck get out and get behind it make sure your aimers red and walk away from it)Anyway lure it into the red place and you know the little tunnel that leads up outside and theres a loading point?let it fly into the loading point then quickly chase it and get in it if done correctly you sha'll now be in the banshee fly up to that bridge at the upper left the first one you should see a orange cone keep on walking closer and you'll see a plasma rifle looking gun but its the SCARAB GUN!pick it up and dont shoot to close or the splash damage will blow you to pieces!