Let's Play Myth II: Soulblighter Co-op #20 Landing at White Falls

We're playing the next of Bungie's famous franchises, the Real Time Tactics fantasy wargame, Myth. Set in a mysterious land of cyclical war and destruction, Myth lets you command a ragtag army in a desperate battle against the forces of the Fallen Lords.

We follow King Alric to White Falls to stop Shiver from crossing the Meander.

In this episode we're once again using the high definition tagset, made by Ooga Booga, Renwood and Road. The Myth Myth HD Total Conversion v1.31 provides higher resolution units.

Due to the tireless work of many community members over the years, the Myth engine has been modernized to work on current operating systems, although you'll still need a copy of the game's data files to play. Check Ebay.

For the engine itself as well as texture enhancements, go to Project Magma:


There's also multiplayer metaserver available for competitive carnage:


A bunch of other Myth-related downloads are available at The Tain:


Intro and outro Music "Into the Breach"
by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori from Myth The Fallen Lords.



Though I have no desire to play this one, it is great fun to watch.
I just went back and watched the one with a bunch o drunks battling exploding deer.
While not part o the story per se, it was great comic relief.

I watched the first set, Myth, and liked it too.

Thanks a lot, glad you're enjoying them, I know we are!