This Is The Hour Sheet Music (Entirely Revised*)

Transcription of [b]"This is the Hour"[/b], by Marty O'Donnell, transcribed by Mike Poe.

This song can be heard during the cut-scene between "The Storm" and "Flood Gate" in halo 3

However this song is mostly known by the title [b]"Finish the Fight"[/b] from Halo 3's E3-06 trailer

* I have completely rewritten my earlier transcription, adding a few new instruments as well as the "Finish the Fight" ending. My original never really had the powerfully epic feel that the real song has. I have worked quite a bit on these revisions and I hope they deliver a much better representation of this great song.

(I will keep the original mp3 file up just as a means of contrast. But I am going to delete the mus file and pdf to help avoid confusion)

For best viewing in mus switch to scroll view in Finale.

Enjoy and Comment



The original is absolutely epic. You did Marty and Mike proud.

So I like the mp3, but the .mus doesn't work. Says its incompatible. Any ideas?

[quote=aurion618]So I like the mp3, but the .mus doesn't work. Says its incompatible. Any ideas?[/quote]

What version of Finale NotePad are you using?

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I have the full version of Finale.

the only scenario that i can think of that would stop u from viewing it if u have finale, is if it is an older version. the version i used was Finale Printmusic 2007. What year is the one u use?

can you upload a pdf file?

[quote=Uruk Elite]can you upload a pdf file?[/quote]


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That is AMAZING! And it sounds soooooo much like the actual piece. Even the choir!
But you should finish it off like the trailer with the piano thing

haha thanks, yeh a few ppl have asked me to add on the "Finish the Fight" ending, and i will be doing so as soon as i finish making revisions to my "Follow Our Brothers" transcription

I like your 'Follow Our Brothers' transcription as well. It's interesting to see big scores like that one and 'This is the hour' play through watching each instrument come in. It gives a sense of the effort that went in to composing/ arranging it, which I can see you have given lots of. Your scores are full of win. lol

thanks, my revised version of follow our brothers was a lot better than the one i have up now, but unfortuneatly the file was also lost wen my comp crashed, hopefully ill be able to get it back when i have someone take a look at my comp

:jawdrop: wow i am just amazed. That was nice you really made marty and mike very proud like others said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do u think u could mmake pdf file plz

- hayesboys3
I cant open the sheet music. HELP!

[quote=hayesboys3]- hayesboys3
I cant open the sheet music. HELP![/quote]

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My computer says that the .zip file is invalid

[quote=AIDCAT1]My computer says that the .zip file is invalid[/quote]

I don't know what to suggest except to try again. I just downloaded it again myself and it opens without any problems.

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Hey is it at all possible to get a transcription of the entire song? Also Idk if its the program but it seems slightly off balance to me.