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Nice pic!

I actually hadn't noticed the beams extending from the ends of the pylons to the portal-- as if they are holding it open.

Why does the portal stay open so long? Seems like a security risk to me. The whole point of having a "keyship" would seem to indicate to me that no one except those in possession of one could use the portal.

Yet the keyshipless humans barge right through after a lengthy conversation and preparation phase.

Why doesn't it close after the keyship and its escorts pass through?

Rampant for over se7en years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

What if the portal reamained open so that other ships could follow. It would seem to me from everything that I have read that the Forefunners built the portals in order to evac all sientient life to the Ark. And I'm pretty sure they expected some species to be so populas that one keyship going through a portal open for, say, five minutes, wouldn't be sufficent enough to preform the evacuation. And in the case of Earth, there was only one ship, a Keyship, which was under the command of the Librarean. A rescue party had been sent, but was blowin to tiny bits and infected by the flood. So, ya thats why the portal stays open, so others can follow should there be too large of a population.

Alot of that info I found just looking around. Go to google and type in halopedia.com. Its either the first of second link. Its similar to wikipedia, but devoted to Halo and written by a lot of the guys from Bungie. Check it out some time.


The Halopedia is great but a lot of it is fan speculation, as here.

The point of having a keyship would be to stop any force without a keyship from following the keyship back to the Ark. If a Flood ship reached the Ark, the entire array-- and therefore the entire galaxy-- is threatened.

The humans don't have another keyship, and the Flood [b]DO[/b] follow through the open portal.

Unfortunately I think the only accurate reason for why this happens is "because if it didn't you wouldn't have a third act to the story" but that isn't very satisfying.

Rampant for over se7en years.

Rampant for over se7en years.