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Hi peoples. I am really happy right now because of everything I've been able to do. Because of e-mail I made a new friend, and that is Spartan 182. I am not going to say anymore because he might not want me to. And now I'm emailing Narcogen the pics that I wanted to submit to the picture galleries of this site. Finally, I have been able to do everything I wanted to do.

I do have a few things I need to change, like my name on videogames to Spartan 001. I decided that it is going to be my name on everything. On Halo and Halo 2 for my Xbox are the main things that I need to change it on, but there are a couple of other games that I want to change to the same name.

This is a great site, I think, much better than Myspace. I think that Myspace is just a waste of time. All it is is a place online where you can hookup with a girl, but that just means you're to much of a loser to get one in real life. With Christmas, I am so happy because I think that I am going to get an iPod, probably a 30 gig. And also probably the 4th Halo book.

I am also really glad that Spartan 182 put up a PDF file for his transcription of the Halo 3 Piano solo. Which is awesome, by the way. I can't wait until Halo 3 comes out because of how good it is going to be. Even if it is the last in this storyline, I am positive that in a couple of years Bungie is gonna start making more Halo games. They may not be set in the same time period, but I bet that they will make games on the forerunners and the original forming of the covenant.

That is all I can think of for now, so I am going to end my blog here.



Glad to be your friend too! I also emailed narcogen a bunch of pics to halo 3. No I did not include my serious situation pic though. And by the way, you should give the credit to the pdf to SIRBOE. I originally did it in finale notepad, and he was kind enough to make a pdf for it. So again thanks SIRBOE for the pdf.

[quote=spartan182]Glad to be your friend too! I also emailed narcogen a bunch of pics to halo 3. No I did not include my serious situation pic though. And by the way, you should give the credit to the pdf to SIRBOE. I originally did it in finale notepad, and he was kind enough to make a pdf for it. So again thanks SIRBOE for the pdf.[/quote]
Anytime my man. Glad to help. :)

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Ya, really thanks man. I guess I owe it to you for the solo. TTYL!

Yeah no prob, hopefully my halo 2 theme will be up soon. I cant believe its been out for about 3 years and no ones transcribed the theme. It is really easy if you just listen to it.

Really? Well Ill hope to see that soon, and thanks.

That transcription is up now.

Rampant for over se7en years.

Ya, i know its been posted. By the way, did you get my reply e-mail on the pics?

Actually, I did get your message, and I'm pondering what to do about it.

Generally, for "must have" images like the screenshots and movie screencaps, I do as many as I can myself and put them in the central galleries.

For fan-created shots, stuff I particularly like and I think deserves an extra mirror (HBO and the Halouvre have more extensive collections) I contact the author and ask for permission to post.

I'm not entirely opposed to opening up the functionality for users to have their own image galleries; on the other hand, I don't really want to be policing those image collections for things that wouldn't be appropriate.

I think even if I did open up that feature, it would have to be accompanied by a similar sort of agreement to what you see on Youtube and other community sites: that the submitter either is the holder of the copyright on the image, or has permission.

In our specific case, I think that I would consider the following appropriate:

  • The image should be Halo-related. Screencaps, fan art, maybe some LAN party photos; but probably not just "random collection of images I think are cool." There are lots of sites on the Internet for that already, and if users have Flickr accounts or something similar, they could link them in their blogs and I think that would work well enough.
  • If the image is a screenshot, it should be one taken by the user or taken by a person who has given explicit permission for that screenshot to be posted. Obviously, I don't have any way of verifying it, but it means the instant there's a complaint from anybody about any image-- it's going to come down.
  • Same goes for a bit of fan art, or a modified screenshot like a desktop picture or collage-- if it's your work, based on publically available screenshots or screenshots you took yourself, go for it. If it's something you found through Google Search or something similar and you don't know who made it or where it came from-- I think I'd have to draw the line there that it isn't really appropriate.
  • I think it goes without saying that explicit pornographic images are not appropriate. And like the Supreme Court, I can't define that, but I know it when I see it, and so do the owners of the network my server sits on, who have contractually obligated me to keep such materials off any sites I host. Since they obligate me, I have to obligate the users.

How does that sound? Still worth doing?

Rampant for over se7en years.

Ya, that sounds good. In fact, if you want me to make my own images, I can do that. I still feel bad that the halo pics i submitted wont be posted, but oh well. Talk to you later, yall!