GREAT!!! superjumps

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GREAT!!! superjumps
i know superjumps in zanzibar,ascension,lockout,warlock,turf(good spots), burial mounds, and beaver creek. if any of u want to know them, i will post favorite is ascension one. i will tell you now: go to high tower (building). Before going up the ramp, go into the corner on your right (it sticks out). Crouch and move foward until it shakes. Step out and go up and to the left. Another left and go until you see the ledge with a rock next to you (the ledge is wear the needler and two plasma granades are). Go directly next to the rock and look straight down. Jump while looking straight down and keep pressing A. You should land on the 3rd bolt in and go flying onto the top of the ascension building (the way top, yellow area). If you have any questions, just ask...or if u need to know other superjumps. I have xbox live i just got to hook it up but i play with my friend a lot...
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