The MIDI is 4:42 long, and contains the opening sequence to both Outskirts and the 2003 E3 demo, as well as Earth City from the Halo 2 soundtrack. Also included are the Printmusic files of all the parts, as well as a score, and a PDF document that has all of the parts and the score, more than 45 pages of material all told in this .zip archive.

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2 words: HOLY COW. That is incredible Spencer - you have quite the ear. It sounds very accurate and I just found some very minor mistakes (like just a 16th note missing here and there). Lol, and I loved that 13/8 timing - I've never seen that before. BTW you should join the Marty Army clan. I just read a thread on their forum and a lot of people are trying to play Marty's music on the piano and I'm thinking "Hello, it's been done already - rampancy everyone!". But you really should join the Marty Army. Marty himself is in the clan (but he rarely goes online) so it is really cool. I can get you an invite if you want. P3A!Z 7I3 73KW!ZA70K
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Haha, thanks a ton. I do have to admit though, for one part (the harp part in the opening sequence)i had the help of the program "Transcribe!" ( which can slow down, manipulate, and analyze the pitches of music so you can get a general idea if the chords, and hear notes that you might not otherwise hear. The rest, though, i did with Windows Media Player and slowing it down and stuff. I'd love the invite, the clan im in now kind of died, and you can send it to RentableCow when you get the chance. I just listened to your piano rendition,and it's pretty sweet. The only problem ive got with it is the violin solo thingies at measure 50 and again at measure 62, they dont sound exactly the same as on the soundtrack, but overall its a pretty sweet arangement for piano, and hopefully itll quiet some of those yokels who have been clamoring for piano sheet music. ttyl Spencer Anunsen (Poop Scoop)


So full of hate were our eyes
That none of us could see
Our war would yield countless dead
But never victory

So let us cast arms aside
And like discard our wrath
Thou, in faith, will

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Cool, I'll have to try that program. You'll probably get an invite from Anelf3 or dunedain in a few days. And about those measures - I was thinking the same thing, but all I heard was that G in what seemed like random places in between the high Ds and the As. I don't know, I just decided to put it in between all of them except with stacato to hopefully make it less audible...sort of. The missing notes I heard in your Earth City was on measures 52 & 82. On both for violins and viola you have 2 8th notes followed by 2 16th notes at the beginning of each measure. In the real Earth City I heard 1 8th note followed by 4 16th notes. I think you should change the 2nd 8th note to a 16th note and add another 16th note after the others. And yeah I hope my piano stuff will calm down all those people demanding sheet music...for a while. P3A!Z 7I3 73KW!ZA70K
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Just to let you know, the actual, real time signature throughout the song is 6/8 (not 12/8) and it switches to 7/8 (not 13/8) in the few measures. I know the 12/8 part makes no difference, but you should have switched it to 14/8 (I think) if you wanted to be even. And I got this info from Marty himself in the Marty Army forum. More and more I wish he could just give us sheet music... it would be a lot easier... P3A!Z 7I3 73KW!ZA70K