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Finish the Fight

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Here are some Halo 3 transcriptions to the halo 3 variation on the trailer:

Similar to mine exept for the fact that I hold the "E" notes, and his timing is just a bit off. This is the Halo 3 piano solo transcribed by The Garbage Man and many other songs on halo as well. Note he only has sheet music for siege of madrigal and the fanfare. The rest are recordings that you can hear on a quicktime player.

Another transcription done by Jayshum of the Halo 3 trailer he has provided us with a recording, the sheet music, and a piano diagram which shows you what keys to play if you do not know how to read music. Note: the sheet music is called "piano dots".

UPDATE: You can now view my version in PDF and Finale Notepad 2003.



No, that's me on my upright piano, MIDI couldn't do half that... if it did I'd actually make an orchestration. Oh and timings? meh

Sorry about the midi then, I'll change it to recording. By the your transcription is very good. I would say it is almost dead on, exept that your timing is just a bit off at the start of the piano solo when mc comes out. Try using a 16th note rest followed by a dotted 8th note. Then keep the rest the same. Play the trailer again and listen closely and you will see that it is the correct timing. Also on the octave E's. you missed the one above the bottom. It should be played using octave 1 and 2 E's followed by the 5th and 6th. Anyway the rest sounds superb!! Why dont you add the sheet music for the rest of the trailer. Hmmm........oh yeah and hold the "E" notes on the piano solo too. It sounds a lot better(only hold them up to the part after the tied note, then play without holding them)!!! Any questions? leave a comment, I'll try to be more specific.

Hey everyone,

I'm new here. Really new. So I clicked on the link to download, it downloaded so now what. Is it supposed to open PDF or something?

Yahweh Freak

[quote=Yahweh Freak]Hey everyone,

I'm new here. Really new. So I clicked on the link to download, it downloaded so now what. Is it supposed to open PDF or something?

Yahweh Freak[/quote]

It's a zip file. Unzip it with winzip, and then read it in Adobe Reader from .

Rampant for over se7en years.

Do you have the sheet music for " Remembrance"?

If so could you either post it or e-mail it to me?


Lightning Gem

I've got Ghosts of Reach, which is basically the same thing:

Hey, thanks for the transcription. I don't know if you can do this, but can you change the name? The song has just been dubbed as Finish the Fight, so you might want to change it from Sheet Music Transcriptions of Halo 3 Theme. Again, I'm not sure that's possible, (I'm still a bit new) but if you can it'll be a bit more formal. Technically, it isn't even the Halo 3 theme; I don't think anyone has even heard it.
But anyways, I again thank you for making the transcription for us so we don't have to! Hope you make more.

do you have the sheet music to that song? if you do, can you post it?

Where's the music for finish the fight

u must register to get the download link

then wat do u do

where is the link to dowload "Finish the Fight"??????????

[quote=Mikeyelderscrll]where is the link to dowload "Finish the Fight"??????????[/quote]

Rampant for over se7en years.

i download, but when i open i only get like 10 notes on a couple of tiny pages

[quote=da_halo_b0mba]i download, but when i open i only get like 10 notes on a couple of tiny pages[/quote]
i have registered and everything but i cant find the button on the screen that actually says download!
plz help. and if u could, i know im not supposed to, but could u send it to me at

nikolaos, I had the same problem, but I think I figures it out. When you got your confirmation email, make sure you click on the second link. It will then take you to a page on saying your account is confirmed. Make sure you click on it though!

Thanks for all the transcriptions! They're all awesome.

you did a good job on working the music out but most of the piece is missing

do u have any music for violins? i've been looking for them everywhere!!

Do u have any music sheets of Finish The Fight for violins?

If u do plz post it.


any for the trumpet