KillZone VS. Halo

Vehicles: yes
Nice guns: yes
nice AI: good, but not great
Good Graphics: no
multiplayer: no
vehicles: yes
nice guns: yes
nice AI: yes
good graphics: great
multiplayer: yes(1-16 players)

clearly this "Halo killer" sucks compared to Halo, any first person shooter that doesn't have multiplayer SHOULD NOT SAY IT IS A HALO KILLER, simply because of that, don't touch KillZone



Fist of all let me just say that i own a ps2, but im not bias, my cuzin has an x-box & i play Halo all tha time at his house. Tha only thing there really is to compare between Halo & Killzone is that there FPS's. Tha stories are totally different, Killzone doesn't involve aliens or alien weapons at all. I have seen tha E3 Demo play of Halo 2 & it looks awesome, i think tha first Halo is great & tha second looks to be better. I have also seen video of Killzone & i was really impressed since it was on VHS. Tha deveolopers from Guerilla Games have a lot of time for improvement 2(a yr), so i think Killzone will be promising & im definately gonna get it. There are for playable charcters that u can choose from & each of them have their own specialties(sniper, heavy weaponry, stealth, & all-around), u can beat tha game as each character & tha other characters are with u & help u. There also will be online & multiplayer modes, i have heard that there are 26 levels & many weapons(i think around 20) & each have a primary & secondary firing mode. Tha developers don't plan to have driveable vehicles, but only tanks & dropships to shoot down cuz they feel it is an excuse for lack of gameplay(but thats just them), u never know tho, they have plenty of time & vehicles could be added. I think both Killzone & Halo 2 will be awesome tho, & i don't know which will be better until i have played them, but i know that i'll be playing Halo 2 when my cuzin gets it & i'll be waiting for Killzone which is released late next yr(fall). 2004 is tha yr of FPS's!

dude. this is going to be a great game. better than halo, and just as good as Halo 2. (if not better) both r good games. they bth got good graphics and there both GOOD. so just shut up and say both r good

ok look, killzone isnt even out yet. it doesnt have vehicle. meh. it has nice guns. it will have multiplayer, 4 online co-op, 2 split screen and i think 1-16 online battlefield. t has sweet graphics, better than halo 1, and still has a year to get better in any way. and you cant say nothin till its actually out anyway, so so what.

KillZone-Fact 16 plus people online!
KillZone-Fact Vehicles, ATV, TANKs different types of,
KillZone-Fact AI so smart you'll place bets on which side wins.

Fact Halo 2 fanboys(Ravenblade) make up stuff about other games.

killzone isnt even out yet. it will be just as good as halo, and even better. they both have veichels and good graphics, and smart ai. so STOP saying killzone is going to suck, cuz it aint

killzone's got multiplayer, offline 1-4 players, online 1-16, just like halo. graphics are good too. one weapon has over 3500 polygons, 10000 faces and at least 3 texture layers. walls have over 12 layers, people and vehicles have more than 36. there are 27 weapons, 26 levels, four different playable characters, 5 mounted guns, 8 different vehicles and that cool gritty war feel, unlike halo which looks more like a circus than a warzone. all the weapons have secondary fire options. enemies stick together, use hand signals to communicate with each other, take cover, give cover fire and run away when they're out numbered. so don't say anything about something you don't know anything about.