Wideload's next?

A couple recent conversations, and this article got me wondering what Wideload might be doing next. Unfortunately, I am not the most informed person out there, so all I can do is talk about what I would like, and one possiblity mentioned in the above interview.

We’ve imagined all that, and more. Without committing to anything, I think it’s safe to say that Rebel without a Pulse just scratched the surface of Stubbs as a character, and we’re eager to expose more of the world to him.

My reaction to this was varied, and I mean that quite literally. I smiled, then I frowned, and then I smiled again. Here is why: The first thought was the simple "Awesome, more stubbs" how could that be bad? Next, oh god that is bad. For stubbs it is excellent, but looking at Wideload, it isn't so hot. Part of what we all love about stubbs is that it is so different, such a new idea. What good would Wideload be doing to make another stubbs. That wouldn't be creative, it would be tired. I think the best thing that Wideload is doing for the game industry as a whole is shaking it up. I don't know if Stubbs is performing well on the market or not, but the list of names behind Stubbs is not one to be ignored. If nothing else, mabye their example will spark the imaginations of other successful artists who have always wanted to start their own fun project. A Stubbs 2 seems like it would trivialize the whole initaial effort, by matching Wideload to the template drawn by most of the major game studios today.

And of course, the reason I smiled again: Stubbs is top notch, and "seeing more" of him couldn't be bad. Heck, Wideload could give us more stubbs while still being creative. If it is humanly (zombiely?) possible, they can make a sequel that still manages to bring plenty of fresh ideas to the board. Or possibly seeing more of stubbs means something like a comic, or animated shorts. Who knows, I would buy them.

The bottom line is that I want creativity in whatever Wideload does. For me, the greatest thing that Stubbs did, was infuse me with a love for a game, when I was skipping around looking for something new. All I hope of Wideload is that they give me that feeling about another game.