Ghosts And Glass For Piano

This is my transcription of Ghosts and Glass from Halo: Reach OST.

It was arranged by Genesis Bacani (gbacani on youtube). I made some changes to his version according to a piano only .mp3 file at

But take in count that this is my first transcription ever, so it may not be perfect, feel free to revise it.

This ZIP file contains a PDF and a MIDI.


I just checked again the piano only mp3 at, it is very different to this one in some parts, Genesis used the string sounds as the chords, but in the piano only is not like that. If i get time, i will revise the sheet music.


There is now an updated version of the sheets and the MIDI.

A week ago i was checking these sheets and i noticed some abomination i caused while transcribing the song... So there you go the new updated sheets.

BTW, the MIDI file has now the right hand and left hand parts separated, this means that if you have Synthesia you can choose which hand you want to play, and they have different colors for distinction.


File Ghosts and Glass.rar (Updated)35.13 KB


Hi there! I can't seem to open the file. It downloads as a rar. file :/

Ashleigh, RAR files are basically one file that contains multiple files (sort of like a folder - but you can't send folders over the Internet, so people use RAR files instead).

You can use a variety of programs to open RAR files. The most used is [url=]WinRAR[/url] (it's the first link if you use Windows), which is available as a free Trial for 30 days, I think. You can keep using it after the 30 days, but it will always popup a message when you use it.

A good alternative is [url=]7-Zip[/url], which is completely free. Just download the .exe to install.

pedrotome is right.

Also, and very important, you should download the new sheets i just uploaded. They are very updated, and have a new "special" MIDI file.

i cant even open it after download

You need WinRAR to open it.