Earth City For Piano (Full)

Here is a transcription of Earth City from Halo 2 for the piano (Now with E3 part). It's pretty difficult, so just keep practicing. :)

Many thanks to Spencer "Poop Scoop" Anunsen for his transcription of Earth City for the orchestra; I got most of the notes from there.

Some parts of the MIDI might sound a bit wierd, I was messing around a bit with the dynamics and stuff but generally it sounds ok.

Pedaling, dynamics and articulation are left to the pianist's discretion. Enjoy!

22 Aug: Slight updates.

Difficulty: Quite Hard

Attachment includes:

  • Sheet music (.pdf)
  • Midi sequence (.mid)
  • Finale Notation file (.mus, .bak)

Tip: When playing the running octaves (esp. in left hand) try not to stiffen your wrist, relax a little, and let your wrist do some of the work so your arm muscles don't get tired too quickly.

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Cool this arrangement owns


Thanks (:

Very nice. I like how you incorporated each of the main parts seamlessly. I will admit, octaves in the 12/8 will be tricky. I can't wait to start playing this.

Rest assured that its all possible (including the octaves from bar 88-91). have fun!

Really, really, REALLY cool. Thanks so much for making a transcription of this, I've been waiting forever.

When you say an E3 version, do you mean an orchestral version?!?!?! I'd really love that!

Thank you!
I actually had a typo in the description, I meant "(Now with E3 Part)". The E3 part refers to the first 38 bars, which are heard in the Halo 2 build that was used in E3, but are not included in the OST.
If you were looking for an orchestral version, check out, which is Spencer Anunsen's transcription of Earth City, which is basically where I got most of the notes from.
Have fun!

Flippin' sweet, man. I can't wait to try it.