I heard that bungie is shutting down and selling halo to a different company. if this is true I would really like to know.



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I think either you've heard something completely false, or just heard some old information.

Bungie LLC was spun off from the Microsoft-owned Bungie Studios before the release of ODST. Microsoft retains the ownership of the Halo franchise. Although no official details were made public, many observers have concluded that the agreements to give Bungie its independence involved MS keeping the Halo franchise, but Bungie agreeing to develop additional Halo games for Microsoft to publish (at least two; ODST and Reach). Bungie is reportedly working on at least one, if not more, non-Halo projects of indeterminate nature for platforms and publishers unknown.

Bungie Studios, as a part of Microsoft, is already gone.

Bungie LLC, as a newly-independent developer, is young and going strong (assuming the deal they made for ODST was decent and that Reach sells well, which I think we've every reason to believe it will. I've heard nothing to indicate that Bungie LLC is shutting down, being sold, or is even in any trouble at all.

Can you say where you heard this?

Rampant for over se7en years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

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thanks for the info, I heard all about what you said on bungie.net recently, i heard what i posted from a friend at school.and reach did sell well. but i guess you know that already. 8)