Hello 7 fans,

In all of the Halo's 7 is the most recently seen number. It is very weird that bungie has used seven so many times, for example:

Sector 7 is seen many times
There are 7 halos

Cairo Station and In Amber Clad {the ship that gets you to Delta Halo} have the number 142 on them . That adds up to 7.

Pentinent Tangent has the number 2401.

That adds up again to 7.

There are 7 types of Covenant.

There are 7 gametypes.

Cortana,Arbiter and Johnson have 7 letters.

There are 7 Arbiter levels{The Heretic,The Arbiter,Oracle,Sacred Icon,Quarentine Zone,Uprising,The Great Journey.}

In Outskirts there is a 7 by the "I would have your daddy" skull.

Bungie has a obession with it. Strange huh?