The Mystery of Ivory Twoet

People, i say hi,

I was recently playing on Ivory Tower and heard some strange knocking sounds as I ran past the big metal door, I turned around to look at the door and I heard a series of 5 knocks every 5 seconds. I stood and stood and stood at the door listening fro about and hour and a half until the door sounded like it was being shaken, this sound like forge on H3 when something is trying to get through a wall or object, the sound just got louder until I heard a song playing, the song was very faint and is hard to hear, so I got all my little bros to stand with me, in the exact spot so it is louder and we heard it like and I-Pod. It was very interesting, so I got out of the level and walked over to the door and waited until it was making sound, but I was alone and could not hear it, so I gave up. I went to goolge and googled it, and searched and searched until I found it. It is a song out of H1 called “The siege of Marginal” , I think it was, and it was made by A man call ed Marty O'Donnell. In the description on the map, it says the Tower was once home to a man named Lennon O'Donnell (im a school and cant remember all the names, so im sorry if thee wrong), ive heard rumours of and infected file, and the file is the door with a rouge AI installed into it, with when you stand near it tries to grab you attention and get out of the door. I will gladly read and comments on this, and I would like to know the truth, thank you all.

Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!