Howdy-ho all,

I have knowen this SECRET warthog trick 4 a while and have just forgotten about it before i blog it up. You will need to be on forge (Halo3 only)and on the map "The Pit".Go to the fence with the warthogs behind it and brind up a two way node, push it to the top-middle of the fence ( On the side with the warthogs) and place it, if this is done right, it should fall a little, but stop in mid-air. After that, place a node anywere on the map, and go through it (If u turn human, u will be killed by the guardians). Dont go far out or u will die, just stay right there and bring up a active grav lift. This is the tricky part, u have to tilt the grave life facing the fence and push the warthog (It is easy to tell, but there is a broken warthog missing the hood). It may take a while and/or the warthog will roll out of the limits, if this happens, just start a new round and try again. I have personaly tested this, and i have driven the warthog around the map( for all the no0bs, this would be pointless if you could forge warthogs, but u cant on The Pit, so this is cool and fun) This trick is fun when succseded but hard to do, so take your time.

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