Skull-Seekers Rising

Sup every1,

New gut here and got some tricks and some questins. On zinibar you will need 2 heartless no0bs and and guns ( swords will be better). Wat u will need 2 do 1st is go to da iron shutters and chop the first 1 closed ( chop the colloums holding them up). Then go outside and jump on the windowcill and then jump on toppa the iron shutter (if u slash the shutter at all it will fall) then no0b 1 will need to stand outta the way while no0b 2 jumps over. After this, noob 1 has 2 stand as close to the edge as no0b can while n0ob 2 jumps on his head and on to the roof, this is alot simpler that gay sword slashy shit, so listen to S.S.95.There is not really anything up there but a good snipe post and a nice veiw, if any 1 nos sumpthing else plz tell me, mostly about coaug or zinibar. Thanx

Skull-Seeker 4 life X(

...Goddam Skullz