Halo Maps, Too Many Questions (PLZ REPLY (:( )

Hi everybody!,

I've Found all the Skulls, Easter Eggs and Secrets on Halo2,3, But im not Satisfied. I've Been digging around You-Tube and have found Vids like these:

Im sick of Aim-lessly running around all the Halo Maps, looking for Rumors like the Golden Warthog, Sliding Ghosts and The Noise behind the Gate on Ivory Tower. The Tension and fear you get while playing alone is just, well, scary, I really want to know things like:
Why is one of those Green Cryo-Chambers on LOCKOUT open (My theroy on this is that it is a Spartan-Growing System, and the Ghost is the one thats escaped), i searched lockout all night last night cause i am intreeged by this map, and i am on a mission to find something cool or scary. I have found something, the cracks in the bottom of the tiles in most of the rooms look like the mountains out of campaign. I would GREATLY appriciate any insight or info on any of the maps, or, just anything you know, thats not in my blog, i would love, and happily read about.

Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!




The golden warthog, like the golden banshee, doesn't exist.

Spartans are born as humans and modified, not grown. Why is one tube open? Probably just artistic variety.

The ghost of lockout also doesn't exist.

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