HeadLonger (Outta Headlong)

Hello all Limit-Haters,

If you hate the limit on Headlonly, Hate no more! I was playing juggernaut with my lil' Bro' last night and we were trying to get outta Headlong, and we succeded. I was looking for the golded Warthog(which i still dont know existis), and i relised i had to get out of the level first, so just follow these steps and you'll be out in no time!:


[b]1[/b].Make the rules juggernaut with fast speed, oversheild and damange resitance(for other players and juggernaut) and banshees on map.
[b]2[/b].Get the juggernaut in the banshee and fly up to a ledge, if you dont know were it is, it could be hard to find.
[b]3[/b].Fly to were the warthogs spawn and then fly up, its right there.
[b]4[/b].Once up, get out of the Banshee and push it off the edge, without you falling, then player two flies up.
[b]5[/b].When you both up, fly the banshee a couple of feet away from the lowest edge, and hover there, let player 2 jump on the very tip, of the nose of the banshee.
[b]6[/b].When the player is on, fly about 1cm, to let the player get in a good spot, then full boost to the top of the ledge, as soon as the banshee gets to the top of the ledge, the player MUST jump or he and the Banshee will be pushed down.
[b]7[/b].Your Out!, it is very fun up here and the Guardians cannot kill you, there is one ledge that you might have some trouble jumping up, but you can make it up, ive fully investigated then area.

I'm still trying to get up higher, to the warthog, but if it isnt up there, this is a very good sniping spot and a very fun, ivisible wall view.

Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!

Bungies worst nightmare X(