Sacred Icon - Piano/Keyboard

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This is a keyboard transcription of "Sacred Icon" or (Arbiter's Theme) from the Halo 2 soundtrack.
A nice piece for piano improvisation or preferably keyboard with a strings patch. Enjoy!

[b]Medium:[/b] Piano/Keyboard
[b]Difficulty(1-5):[/b] 2

[b]Included files:[/b]
- sheet music (Sacred Icon - Piano.pdf)
- MIDI performance (Sacred Icon (Improvisation).mp3)

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Man! I like your improvisation more than the original! You are the best!

heh thanks!

Do you have the improvisasion sheet music??

I started writing it, but thought people wouldn't care for it -I'll finish it and post it up soon.

do you use any music writing programs? or is it just through the piano

I have a keyboard plugged up to my Mac via MIDI, and I mainly use Logic Studio, Reason 4, and Finale... and world of warcraft -oops!
So if you're curious on how I did the piano rendition, I played it on my keyboard into Reason, then fixed some mistakes and did some quantizing and fine-tuning stuff.

ah. well. if you ever need a guitar recording of anything, let me know. i use SongWriter 2007, Finale 2008, and our school orchestra as occasional guineau pigs. speaking of guitar recordings, what would be the best method of recording a guitar solo or anything in the most audio-clean manner? i want to record some stuff ive been working on, but i dont know how to do it through a computer. any tips?

yes, I highly suggest getting [url=]this[/url], (that's if you have a firewire port on your computer- if not they have others with usb). This will basically let you plug your guitar up through your computer and record the cleanest audio from your guitar easily. As for a good program to use, I'd say any simple recording software you want. I don't really know what software most guitar players like to use as I'm not a guitar player, but for recording audio I use Logic for Mac, or Sonar for Windows. Reason doesn't let you record audio directly into it unless you Re-wire it with another program, basically unnecessary and complicated for what you want to do.

thanks man! that helps a lot. need a guitar part to a song, let me know

Morten L. Larsen

Hi! Do you play WoW? :O I do! tell me your server, , type of alliance and name please! :D
I do play too ;>

We could be mates! =D

hey, i like the improvisation. can you get the sheet music for it up soon? thx!

sure thing, as soon as I get back from vacation

Yo man Jonathan thanks so much man for all your uploads you made its really making the piano fun for me =] thanks very much

my pleasure!

yeah, get the improv posted pleaz. i like it better than the original

is the pdf the sheet music cus i cant open any of them do u have the sheet music......World of Warcraft lol :)

Yeah it is, you probably need Adobe reader to open them.
And I'll be working on some World of Warcraft scores soon aswell for another project so I'll try to let you know when I'm done.

thx that worked.... ya definitly let me know if u do anything with world of warcraft cus i love that game and would be awsome to play teh music. great song btw

are u going to post the improvision? i love teh improvision u made its definitly worth it if u can get the improvision on sheet music

yeah i will in a bit

Your Improv was simply amazing, I can't wait for you to post it.
Thanks again for the love theme, Im lovin it :-)

Wow, just when I thought you couldn't get better, I find this! I'm really looking foward to the Improv, can't wait to play it!

Don't leave em hanging! Post the improv!

Are you able to put some of your pieces including this one into pdf format? I'm dying to play Sacred Icon.

Are you able to put some of your pieces including this one into pdf format? I'm dying to play Sacred Icon.

WTB improv >.

Man where is he? He said that the improv would be posted, like, five weeks ago. Come on Churchill, POST THE IMPROV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry guys, I'm finishing up final exams right now and I've been busy with other projects. I have a life too lol.

Hey man whats happening? we gonna see that improv ant time soon? guess Ill just keep watching and waiting :-)

cmmooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn that improv is so cool my brother wants me to get teh sheet music to its been liek 4 months since u posted this cant u just finish it plzzz

dude that is so cool i love it. your improve is really amazing i wish i could play piano like you! its taken me like 2 months to learn half of one final effort...

ps can you please post that improve soon?

I love your improv!!! can u put it into MIDI so i can use finale songwriter 2008 to put it into sheet? :D the mp3 file doesn't work :(


Morten L. Larsen

Try to play it without notes... It's quite easy when you can play it WITHOUT improv! Then u try move ur fingers on ur chords a bit more and then u got it, Well... to be honest with you, I haven't learn to play that song Sacred Icon YET!
But iff Ive learned it from THAT notes g00d, Ill bet it would be easy to improv it JUST like that! Search alittle with ur fingers and trytrytrytrytry! =)

I think this is awesome btw mate! Cya! ;)

Morten L. Larsen

.midi pleaaaaaase :D

when is the improv sheet music getting up??? its been...forever!!!

i really dont think hes ganna post anything....its been leik a yr i havnt even seen him say anything on forums for like 6 months

I'm sorry!! In time, in time. Maybe this Christmas break I'll do it.

Honestly people, if you really want it, it won't hurt to wait a little longer. Someone emailed me to try and transcribe this peice. Sorry to inform everyone but I will not be doing that. This is Jonathan's work. He'll post it when he wants to and if he wants to.

ok now im almmost convinced the improv is not on John's mind anymore... Well if it is I hope he posts it soon

hey the improve is great! worth waiting for too. But to everyone else, its an IMPROVE. Try your own. You don't always have to copy EXACTLY what someone else did.

Do you mind making the score more like how you play it in the MIDI? because it doesn't sound as nice as it should

Love the piano rendition! Any sheet music coming up on that?