johnson is still alive !!!!

hey guys i was play the last level of halo 3 "halo" and right before me and my friends went to kill the monitor i lit johnson on fire with the flamethrower and he died thats not the weird part after we kill the monitor we came out and johnson was alive with the laser, me and my friends stoped and stared then johnson was attack by the flood and was turned into the flood
host then i went up and hit him with the laser that i kill the monitor with and he exploded like the flood do when u hit them and he was dead

now isnt that weird



now problem with that is that johnson is a uninvectible character like the arbiter

if you want us to believe you i would like some videoproof

i have tried this and johnson does stay alive but doesnt get invected though it is amusing to see him fall of halo

make sure the infection forms aren't killed

That my friend is wierd but if you hit a flood it blows but human tells you off

Look i've not played much halo3 or 2 but one yes and i've seen alot from jonhson and he cant die or get infected by the flood but he is funny to hit :) but i would like some fotage, if none appears then you dug your own grave m8

its true, some problems occur when you kill him becuse when you kill him he gets up really quick so you must enter the cutscene immedietly after the cutscene. For footage you might beable to the footage at Youtube trie to search Halo 3 glitches- Sgt. Johnson turns into a flood combat form.

guys send me a message and i file share with u i think i still have the video

my gamertag is the same as my name

im sorry my xbox live has gone a bit wierd

so could you please post it

i would if i know how some one tell me