In this episode of Anger, Sadness and Envy, Blackstar and Narcogen, together with Miguel Chavez of Bungie Sightings and special guest, Claude "Louis Wu" Errera, webmaster of fansite, take a look at Halo: Reach due out this week. Both our guests have played some or all of the Reach campaign and will give us a sneak peek at what is to come from the game come release day.


Each chapter title (AAC version only) contains a warning about possible spoiler content; either no spoilers, mild spoilers, or SPOILERS. Most spoilers are in the final chapters, but if you are serious about avoiding all potential spoilers for this game, wait to play this podcast until after you've finished Halo: Reach.

Show highlights include:

How Reach Fits Into The Series
Master Chief vs. Noble Six
All Good Things...
Playing with Noble Team
Invincible Sidekicks
Equipment vs Abilities
Reach's Sandbox
Space Combat
Plot Twists
Bungie's Future
Reach Engine Performance
Final Thoughts
The Definitive Halo Game?

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