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Anger, Sadness and Envy Ep. 23: Halo Anniversary

Narcogen, Blackstar and Cody Miller take a break from looking at the levels of Halo: Reach to discuss 343 Industries' recent announcement of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, a high definition re-issue of the first Halo game, scheduled for release in November of 2011 in time for the ten year anniversary of the first game's release.

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ASE Episode 23 Halo Anniversary Part 1


I just wanted them to go to each texture file and add more pixels.

Oh and add Forge.

Nice job. There was some commenting at HBO about podcast length, and I think shorter ones like this are better. Actually I think I'd favour 20 minutes or less. As someone who's generally interested in commenting, those super-long podcasts of old were tough to tackle because they covered so many aspects. Partly for that reason, I'd favour podcasts focused on narrower ranges. But I think short podcasts could be more fun anyway. Perhaps you could even go to extremes and have something like ten-minute podcasts on certain well-focused topics. Also, perhaps multiple short podcasts could let you include more detail overall, so you wouldn't have to cut so much.

When it comes to CEA podcasts later, how about separating out multiplayer discussion from campaign? It's an obvious division at any rate, and I'll only really be interested in campaign.

Good show. You guys should publish more episodes!! :)