Halo and Oni on Gamespot TV

Kudos to Infininight, who sends word of Oni and Halo appearing on Gamespot TV. As many folk who watch ZDtv have reported, Halo and Oni are not strangers to the small screen, but it's nice to see them getting some spontaneous coverage. Some info from the report:

It talked about both Oni and Halo. From the website:

Oni, a title being simultaneously developed for all new platforms, also features a large free environment. Great graphics and inventive fighting techniques give players a variety of gameplay.

Halo is one of those titles that continues to erode the line between video games and movies. The characters' mouths move in sync with what they say. Single player focuses on a third-person mission that has you moving over land, air, and sea, while a substantial multi-player mode focuses on team-based tactics and strategies.

That's basically identical to what they said on air.

They said on the show there is video interview with the Oni developers up, but I haven't found it yet.

No new information, alas, but a dynamic medium like TV demonstrates these games in motion so much better than print ads. And nothing like free TV advertising to convert even more people...