RHL Chat Transcript Posted

It started bad, got worse, and suddenly seemed to correct itself when I left to get some lunch. Hmm...

Our thanks to Bungie's Max Hoberman (and Chucky too) for taking a few hours to speak with the 250+ Bungiefen who managed to break the server by sheer weight of numbers three times. But the third time was the charm, and there were no further problems from that point on. An excerpt from early in the discussion:

CyberBob (#4 : Were there Bungie employees who contributed to the rumor frag-fest here and on HBO as a way of helping to break the news to the fan community?

      yeroen: No, definitely not. Everyone here kept complete silence to avoid legal problems.

The entire log has been formatted and posted in the Database, so if you weren't present for the chat, you can thumb through it and catch up on what you may've missed.