QA Session with Bungie on RHL

Bungie's Max Hoberman and Matt Soell have offered to conduct a public question and answer session on Rampancy HL today at 4:00pm CST, concerning the acquisition of Bungie by Microsoft.

Out of necessity (fifty people vs. two employees is not going to work), this session will be moderated. Guest account chat privs will, for the duration of the question period, be disabled, but guests are welcomed to privately send questions to the preset admins, who will relay them to public chat. Sorry about the draconian measures, but we want to give as many people the chance to get their answers as possible in the period of time we have.

For people wishing to ask a few questions or just listen in, all you need is a Hotline client (links to which are provided at the bottom of the page), and to log in to Our bot will be on hand to greet you and fill you in on the situation, and if you can't make it, chat logs will be posted afterwards.

And before I run out of oxygen, Bungie will be conducting a public forum on following this session, at 6:00pm CST tonight. Hope to see you there.