MS-Bungie Stories Now Up At Daily Radar

For some reason, the stories we linked to earlier from the Daily Radar were available through AltaVista, but not through Daily Radar's main page.

They now are available there. There are four items in all: A main feature, the interview with Jason Jones, the checklist 5 Things You Must Know about the buyout, and a grid showing the relationships between all the companies involved and the titles being published.

The main story includes some more interesting tidbits, such as this one:

We asked Tamte if Bungie has, simply, run out of money.

Unequivocally, let me tell you no. We have enough resources to ship Oni and Halo ourselves. Instead, Tamte, Seropian and Jones all pitch the sale as an opportunity too good to pass up. Tamte explains it as First, an opportunity to play a key role in the launch of the Xbox. Second, [it's about] the long run. In the long run it's reasonable to say, 'Over time, an industry matures. Over time it's more expensive to launch a new product into a mature market, with emerging and expensive technologies like digital television and broadband. Over time it is more difficult be an independent.'

So it does appear as if Bungie has walked into this with open eyes, and hasn't been forced to by financial problems.