Post-E3 Update

It looks like the flow of news after E3 is starting to ebb a little, which means I'll be able to revert to somewhat less clustered reporting in awhile. I found a few items for your perusal in my scans of the various gaming sites:


  • GameCenter has posted its E3 awards and Halo lost out to Black & White for reasons similar to those given at other sites: And while I have to agree with all the games on this list, I have to say that Halo, Rune, and Dungeon Siege blew me away as well. If Bungie had demonstrated more gameplay (and not just a movie, no matter how amazing), Halo would have gotten my vote for Game of the Show.
  • GameSpy has also posted its E3 awards, where Halo took Best Action Game. BGH beat us to posting about this one. It's also interesting to note that they awarded Best Online Game to Tribes 2. Previously such awards might have been limited to games like Ultima Online or EverQuest, but it seems like the genre will be redefined as multiplay becomes more standardized.
  • Thresh's Firing Squad has published a post-E3 Halo article. It's mainly a description of the new movie.
  • Incite PC reports having some new Oni shots but with the falsity of their claims for some Halo shots (reported earlier by Halo.BOrg) I can't be certain.
  • Thresh's Firing Squad also posted a bit of information on Oni after covering Halo.