No Crack Pipe Required: Rumors Are True

Kraken gets to go down in infamy as the reader who alerted us to the official news. In an interview with Jason Jones at the Daily Radar, it is confirmed: Bungie is being bought by Microsoft. Jones claims that Microsoft will still be allowing Bungie a certain degree of autonomy, including the choices of platforms to develop on.

From the article:

DR: What do you suggest Mac gamers do with all the hair they are going to pull out of their heads at this news?

JJ: If they had some red and yellow dye handy, they could arrange it in the shape of a bulls-eye towards which we can aim the handy new Microsoft mind-control laser we got as part of the deal.

Is it just me, or were jokes like that a lot funnier before they became part of Microsoft?

Just kidding. I think.

At any rate, it appears Oni is not affected by this deal at all, but Jones was particularly silent on what platforms Halo would eventually be released for, making no mention of the Macintosh or the PC other than to say it will be Bungie's decision, and focusing on the bright future of the upcoming X-Box console from Microsoft.