Post-E3 Update

Here's a quick list of a few more articles on Halo and Oni, status post E3 (The original listing can be found here):


  • GamePen - Regarding the Best Game of Show award: Bungie's Halo looked great also, but it could not win our award because it wasn't hands on.

  • GameSpot UK - Another brief mention of Halo. It was selected as the second most popular title... after Grand Prix 3??? *shrug*

  • Inside Mac Games - Further information on the Halo movie and associated thoughts. IMG continues to keep some of the best E3 Halo coverage I've seen.


There still isn't a lot of new substance in most of the current E3 coverage, but I expect that we'll see a goodly number of more informative Oni and Halo previews over the next little while. Both games made a strong impact at E3.