Recycled Preview at Computer Games Online

The general gaming site Computer Games Online has just front-paged a combined Halo & Oni preview that was last published on the 13th... however Hamish of the Marathon's Story page points out that they're recycling information from the Halo preview on the 23rd of July. Could it be that they're a bit overloaded trying to catch up after E3? Some readers have also expressed concern because TheGlobe.Com, which also owns Happy Puppy and Games Domain, has recently acquired CGO. I doubt that makes much of a difference but we'll see.

The item that most caught my eye in this preview article was the pricing at the bottom. They are listing the following three items for presale:

  • Halo IBM CD ROM 11/00 $42.95
  • Halo MACINTOSH 12/00 $44.95
  • Oni Windows 95 IBM CD ROM 09/00 $42.95

Probably some errors on their part, but it is a bit funny eh?