A More Centered Fan Community

Seen first at Marathon's Story was a teaser from Bungie.Net:

We've been working on our special web site surprise since mid-November, and have now entered the testing phase. Incidentally, this eats up all of our time and energy, thus the infrequent updates. Fortunately what we're working on includes slick new automated news posting, archiving, and searching. Things are working well, and we'll have an official announcement as soon as The Man gives us the go-ahead. For now I'll leave you with this... teaser. Damn, I hate to be a tease, but it's better than nuthin'. Here it is: This new web feature will allow us to integrate the online communities for all of our games. Chew on that ;-)

That sounds exciting... and it can only mean good things for both you, the reader, and for the websites. We'll post more information as we acquire it.