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Black Mesa #10 (finale) narcogen 02.14.20
Black Mesa #09 narcogen 02.06.20
Black Mesa #08 narcogen 01.31.20
Black Mesa #07 narcogen 01.23.20
Black Mesa #06 narcogen 01.16.20
Black Mesa #05 narcogen 01.08.20
Black Mesa #04 narcogen 01.01.20

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Halo 5: Advent (String Orchest... cwhiterun 06.07.16
Halo 5: Blue Team (String Orch... cwhiterun 10.22.15
Halo 5: Light is Green (String... cwhiterun 10.20.15
Halo 5: The Trials (String Orc... cwhiterun 10.12.15
Roll Call - Price Paid pimpnmonk 06.02.14
Behold A Pale Horse For Concer... pimpnmonk 01.24.14
Farthest Outpost/Mercy Plea/Ea... pimpnmonk 12.30.13

E3 Photo Contest!

E3 is going to be rather exciting this year, with a good number of Bungiefen defying the trade-only nature of the event and planning to make an appearance. And of course, people will be bringing their cameras and shooting everything in sight (you know what I mean), so we figured we'd have a bit of fun this year and organize a little photo contest.

If you're bringing your camera with you this year and are keen on scoring a t-shirt, then the contest rules are as follows:

  1. Photos must be taken at or around the E3 2000 Expo... no fair bringing in really cool or funny photos you took elsewhere.
  2. They must be YOUR PICTURES, not something taken by someone else and used without their permission. Don't try to cheat, it's really not worth it.
  3. While we can certainly appreciate the humor of someone streaking through the Convention Center, photos need to be appropriate .
  4. No editing your photos... we can recognize the hallmarks of a Photoshopped submission, and there will be much scorn placed on them.
  5. Do NOT email us photos! Instead, upload them somewhere and email us a URL to them. Or get our consent first. We're fairly good natured, but when our email is clogged with a few megs of snapshots, we tend to get cranky. If you absolutely cannot post them elsewhere, contact us, and we'll work something out.
  6. We must be alerted to all submissions prior to midnight, CST, on the evening of Wednesday, May 17th. After that, no promises that they'll be considered.

The winners for two categories will be announced at some point after the 17th. The categories will be:

  • Coolest Shot - A picture that we think is just plain cool... camera angle, content, and so on.
  • Funniest Shot - I think this speaks for itself. Contrived scenes aren't nearly as funny as spontaneous ones...

Judging will be conducted by staffers, and most likely whomever is around while we're looking at the pictures. Picture and scan quality will be considered, though we're more concerned with what the photo is actually of. Also, by submitting photos, you are granting us permission to use them on the internet--the usual song and dance. We just want to put together a page of all the entries and, of course, the winners.

Remember folks, this is just for fun, not a heated photo contest. We're looking forward to seeing what you catch on film, and seeing you there at E3!