Gathering update

Many thanks to Freewill for bringing this to our attention! For Bungie fans who are visiting the MacWorld Expo at San Francisco tomorrow, or who will just be in the Bay Area: be aware that Bungie is now covering the price of admission to the Gathering of Fans at Club-I. I've plagarized the following directly from Bungie.Net's web page:

...we're supporting Freewill's Macworld FanFest tomorrow night Ц we're covering the facility cost, so ignore that $7 entry fee, and I've even talked The Man into buying pizza for everyone! Rumors are that we'll have a presence at the FanFest (maybe it'll make it on bTV?), and that Marty from Total Audio is also going to show, so it should be a blast...
I guess the number seven was just too much to pass up? We wanna-be-theres will be looking forward to those fortunate fans' reports on the experience. Have fun, guys and gals! ;-)