An A- For Halo 3

GameRevolution gives Halo 3 an A- for upgrading Halo 2's graphics to high definition and tweaking gameplay balance, but points off for weak ally AI and a lack of "custom match searches". Seems to me customs are designed to be private... but whatever.



Yeah, but early on Bungie said that they planned to include an area to advertise the custom matches you were currently playing. Not the file share, but a place where you could list your party and the gametype you were about to start playing. I was marginally disappointed that this wasn't included afterall. Definitely not a game-ruining omission, but still something that should be included down the line.

I remember fans talking about that, but I don't remember Bungie acknowledging it as a goal-- more an admission that they knew people wanted it.

Perhaps they tried to implement that and it didn't work; that wouldn't surprise me at all. With the huge flexibility of Forge, as well as the myriad options in Customs, there are a staggering number of different kinds of gametypes people could be playing. Putting a search interface to that would be daunting; it's possible that an any one time there could be hundreds, if not thousands, of custom games that have little in common with each other besides a general gametype (slayer, ctf) and a base maptype (but probably some variation thereof).

Throw into the mix the possibility of honor rules, and you could end up with a situation where finding anything is hard, and even once you find something, it might not be what you thought you were looking for.

I'm betting that the real outlet for those kind of customs being advertised will be the "Bungie Reccomends" hopper.

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