The elites

For those who have played all the halo games have you heard the woeds 'wort wort wort' from an elite in halo 2 but unsure on 3 :(



I've read relatively reliable reports that Elites do sometimes (but rarely) say "wort wort wort" when you have the IWHBYD skull on.

I have not yet heard it myself.

Rampant for over se7en years.

i have heard them say it without the skull on
i was doing co-op and got killed at the same time as my partners

an elite screamed wort wort wort and killed are killer

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the elites sometimes speak like the used too in halo 2

on quarantine zone rtas vadum (half-jaw) drove off a cliff and he said wort wort wort


Its been to long that i have played any halo game but it is nice to hear that u can get the WORT WORT WORT from an elite