Halo 3 Is Something Awful

Something Awful reviews Halo 3, and for once, it's a real review (sort of) and not just an excuse to crack some poop jokes. Except, there are a few poop jokes.

Generally the review falls into the "single player is crap but multiplayer is good" except they also hated multiplayer. What do you expect? It's Something Awful.

They do manage to slip in a couple of the PC-centric prejudices that seem to characterize many of the reviews, such as:

The weapons feel like toys and don't have the responsiveness or feedback of a game like Half-Life 2.

I don't know what kind of forced feedback controller they're using on their PCs, but I really fail to see how the words responsiveness and feedback apply to weapons in Half-Life 2 (also a very good game) any more than Halo 3.