Oni In-Store Video Available

Kudos to Majic, who attained a copy of the in-store footage that is being supplied for Oni advertisers. Ever step into Electronics Boutique and see the latest games shown on television? This is what we're talking about, but for Oni!

Majic borrowed the VHS from his work, Harvey Norman, in Auckland, New Zealand. It was then converted to digital format and compressed with Apple's QuickTime software. The file is approximately 14.4 MB in ZIP format and the movie is 15:40 with sound, although it's not the highest quality. This is still a must-see if you're interested in seeing killer Oni footage!

Download from these locations:

Harvey Norman is a department store that stocks computers, furniture, and electrical items. We've never heard of 'em, but we're grateful about its existence right about now. ;-)