Not Long For Halo 2 Trailer Now

Well, now that the fateful day has come, there are a scant handful hours before the release of the Halo 2 Trailer. Exactly when and where? No one has yet said. seems a good bet, as they were the first site to put up a countdown. also seems like a likely candidate.

As for exactly when, Matt Soell dropped a trail of breadcrumbs for the faithful over in the HBO forum:

No, it doesn't come out at midnight. Get some sleep.

Sleep in, read the paper over a leisurely brunch, run some errands. You'll have time.

Depending on your time zone, you might even be able to squeeze dinner in.

Assume I'm indulging the Ugly American tendency to ignore the rest of the world.

Excluding the parts harboring terrorists, that is. We assume that last remark is in regard to what time zone Matt was expecting people to have dinner in.And before anyone asks, no, getting on an eastbound jet liner to try and speed up time won't work. We've tried it. Here at rampancy, we're already eleven hours in the future and the trailer's still not out.