Halo MIDI Ringtone Rescued

Last March, Louis Wu posted at HBO about a MIDI file of the Halo theme that could be used as a ringtone on cellular phones that support MIDI ringtones. Sadly, at some point after that the original host of that file went down. Thankfully, Deimos Fawkes of Subnova had a copy he was able to provide to us; now along with the background images and the Marathon ringtone transcription, you can have a Halo ringtone once again. Download available for registered users. Registration is free. NOTE: If you just click the "download" link, and your browser has a helper application registered for MIDI files, then a page will open and the file will start to play. If you try to save the link, you'll get a file named 6858.mid, which you can then rename to halo.mid.
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How do u put the ringtone on ur cellphone

Is there any way that I can download this file directly to my phone??? Any help would be appreciated.

[quote=Luis]Is there any way that I can download this file directly to my phone??? Any help would be appreciated.[/quote]

That largely depends on what kind of phone you have. Some have built in web browsers to download and install files. Others use PC-based utilities. Others can receive by IR from a computer, another phone, or a PDA. Others can only get it through a radio message from your provider.

you can, if you have a data cable thingy that connetcs your phone to the pc.. i have one and thats how i place ringtones on my phone free of charge

i don't see the link to the midi file on this page, has it been removed or something? or am i blind?

Sorry, in the last upgrade I missed restoring this file. Look under the text now, it should list the attachment "halo.mid" with a link to download it.


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