Wideload Plans 'Stubbs' For Simultaneous Crossplatform Release

[image:8460 left hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0]Matt Soell of Wideload Games took the time to add a few comments to the release of information last week about Wideload's first game, Stubbs the Zombie in 'Rebel Without a Pulse'. The first addition is that the game is planned for the Xbox, Macs and PCs. Wideload is doing the Xbox version internally, and is working with Aspyr's development teams for the Mac and PC versions. Even so, they are planning (Editor's Note: not promising, let's get that clear right now) to release the game for all three platforms at the same time.

The second tidbit was in answer to my question about why Wideload chose to place so much emphasis on humor, an element that while always part of Bungie games, rarely took center stage. According to Matt:

Most games take themselves too seriously; we decided to go in the opposite direction. It's an outgrowth of an old impulse: to make the games we'd like to play.

You can always find more information here at Rampancy either about Wideload Games or about Stubbs the Zombie.