Love Is Never Having To Apologize For Playing Halo 2

We've mostly been ignoring IGN's Countdown To Halo series, starting from the moment when one intrepid author described how he obtained most of his information about Halo 2 while sitting on the toilet. Let's hope he hasn't formed any lasting associations with the game from that experience, the way that description formed lasting associations with IGN in our minds.

However, the latest part, pointed out to us by c0ld vengeance, hits much nearer to home-- or rather, to the heart-- as it describes how to keep your loved ones at bay while you retreat from Real Life long enough to savor the unique goodness that is Halo 2 that they may be unable to appreciate themselves. It offers five excuses you can give for why you can't engage in any activity other than playing Halo 2, starting from November 9 until... whenever.