How important is a good story in a video game?

Very Important
77% (572 votes)
20% (149 votes)
Not Very Important
2% (14 votes)
Not At All
1% (10 votes)
Total votes: 745
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You can easily subtract storyline from gameplay and still have a great game, if you go by sales figures. Personally, I'd like something that's not too juvenile so it can at least keep my attention. But I'd be lying if they had to be very important or else I'd be a pretty miserable gamer. :)

...for single-player. A game can have a killer physics/graphics engine, fantastic graphic design and level-architecture, and rad multiplayer mode, but I think it will ultimately be a hopeless single-player game if it's got a shallow story-line.


IF i dont like single-player thin i dont tell frends. then thay dont play.

A storyline is what keeps the player interested in the game. If someone wants to watch beautiful graphics, rent a dvd. Pointless games = pointless gamers