Should Xbox Next be backwards compatible?

Yes, I won't buy one unless it is.
51% (813 votes)
Good idea, but not that important.
39% (623 votes)
Nope, doesn't matter at all.
5% (78 votes)
I'm buying a PlayStation 3 instead.
4% (69 votes)
Total votes: 1583
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XBOX 2, if that is what they are going to call it, is going to awesome I believe that it should be backwards compatible but if not oh well, I am going to buy one anyways. I believe that XBOX is WAY better than that stupid crappy OTHER machine (PS2 if you don't know what I am talking about). I did a speech over the differences in XBOX and PS2 and which one is SUPERIOR, and XBOX came out on top by a LONG SHOT!
Can Anyone else wait for HALO 2 to come out? Not me, when I heard that the deadline was pushed back again I was kinda mad, but then I realized that it is going to make the game better if they push it back further. I live in the dorms at my school and we played HALO A LOT last year and it will be awesome to play it this year but it will be better next year!!!

I can't believe that Microsft would even consider not using reverse compatability! What about all of the awsome games that Microsoft came out with for Xbox? Do they really expect people to keep their Xbox's afer Xbox Next has come out? Well, I probably won't buy one anyway because I hear that they're going to scale back a lot (not just dropping reverse compatability). Like no hard drive, no strong titles at the start (like Halo), and they're going to use the minimum hardware to beat out PS3 instead of going all out like they did with Xbox. I hope none of it is true because I'll just stick with the Xbox if it is.

Where did you see that xbox was going to scale back? I want to know so I can see it for myself but other than that I won't believe it :P hehe

Hey folks!

I am for a hardware modif. kit! Yes indeed, open the old one, change some parts and here we go again! - This saves "plastik and money"!
Looking forward 2 play Halo 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've got a grip a games on my xbox, so i think they should make it backwards compatible. i don't feel like unpluging and repluging everthing back into the t.v. when i want to play xbox or xbox 2.
another thing is i'm disapointed in xbox or microsoft. i took the best care of my xbox and games, and my xbox still brook. my cuzin treats his xbox and games with less care and still his works better than mine. my xbox freezes all the time and it's starting to piss me off.