Learn Something New Every Day

Part Two of Xbox 2: Everything We Know is now up at IGN; as it turns out, our guess was correct: all the wish-list items were in Part One, while all the hardboiled facts are in Part Two. Facts include that the Xbox 2 will use an IBM CPU and an ATI GPU, information obviously gleaned either from a freak accident with a bowl of Alphabits and a time machine... or Microsoft press releases. Yeah, definitely the Alphabits.

The Xbox 2 should have a bigger hard drive and more memory; not much question about that. But after two pages (Part One had four) the third page of Part Two is just more blue sky wish-listing; in short, there's not much information here at all aside from the prediction that Xbox 2 games will be shown at E3, hardly a shocker as the console is now in its third year. A prediction like "Bungie will make Halo 3 for the Xbox 2" would be nice, but as it stands, no such luck.