Kudos to derf, who pointed out an interesting article on violence that, among other things, actually cites Marathon 2 as a potential source of violent responses from college students. Must be all those BOB incidents... the relevant excerpt:

In a move that had many long time Mac users impaling themselves with pieces of wrought iron, Microsoft announced the newest addition to their product line today: Windows Infinity.

As predicted by industry pundits mere moments after the announcement, Windows Infinity incorporates technology recently acquired in the acquisition of Bungie Software to achieve new heights in user interface obfustication. From the PR:

Sigh... it's too bad we already used the pfh pun last year.

Marathon's Story, the venerable grand-daddy of most or all of the Bungie fan sites, ticked past five today, which is something like real old in web years. Webmaster Hamish Sinclair is also giving no sign of letting up soon, and it seems entirely likely that the site will see a seventh birthday. Aye, we all know that's what you're waiting for, Hamish... ;)

While flitting around Bungie.Net, I was shocked to discover that both the launch of the Marathon and the comemmoration of the Marathon being attacked by the Pfhor have been cancelled! Poena Dare was the host for both events on the calendar... Could the cancellations have been in protest against the acquisition of Bungie by Microsoft?

As pointed out, threats included, by mad.max on RHL, MGL has posted a notably nifty Marathon desktop picture for your downloading delight. However, while it is available in plenty of sizes, it contains no new screenshots... come on, Bungie! Give us some new screenshots, you tightwa--oh, wait, this is Marathon...

Thanks to David Simon for letting us know that Marathon Resurrection, a group porting Marathon maps to the Unreal Tournament engine, have relaunched their site. Unfortunately, my browser isn't letting me get past the first page, but I'm told by assorted reputable folk that they've got new pictures, screenshots, movies and text content, so go and try your own luck.

An interesting item on the Aleph One project at Marathon Open Source from Aleph One codewarrior Steven Bytnar. Paving the way for future Aleph One work, he has started work on a port for MacOS X:

Scandalous! Marathon's Story and Bungie Sightings report that Bungie may be offering up some new shirts at the MWNY Fanfest, for those of you who are there but not fortunate enough to score one of the coveted 49 limited edition Marathon's Story shirts (arrrgh... why not E3, Hamish, why not E3! ;).