Boarding Ship

This image, of a vehicle or object not yet positively identified, appeared on the revised website revised on October 15. It could be a revised dropship, but it is more likely a Boarding Ship, a vehicle seen only from the inside during Halo 1. The Covenant may have used these to attach to the Pillar of Autumn's escape pod doors.

Its appearance at may indicate that we will once again be seeing Covenant boarders on UNSC vessels in Halo 2.

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In the xml that controls that site, that ship is labeled 'Boarding Ship'.

Ya, or rather, the XML points to where it's labeled 'Boarding Ship' ;) It was actually embedded in one of the flashfiles, in an array. Sorry for that confusion :P

The Creep is also labeled 'Shadow' heh... :|

the prongs on the end (could be the front, could be the back) could be for basially ramming the ship and attaching itself to it.

It's most likely the Seraph Bomber from the books, it maches the description.

I have two theories: (1) This vehicle is a Covenant atmosphere bomber/fighter; the Covenant's new answer to the Longsword fighter bombers. This might replace the Seraph. (2) This looks somewhat similar to the Phantom dropships, if they made it into the final stages of the game; this could be a revised version of that dropship.

it is called a phantom
it is something like a dropship

its those things the elites were transported to earth on, in the e3 video. in the french commercial it looks like there might be comething like this for hunters. (its a blue pod with huge spikes)

It's definitely not a Phantom. Those are seen in the E3 vid; they're rounded and bulbous, not long, thin and extended, like this.

It could be a landing pod, as also mentioned.. but it seems too large to me, and I don't remember those things in the E3 vid having those spikes. Of course, there's nothing in the image to give it any scale, so it's hard to tell exactly how big it is.

It could be a Seraph bomber, I guess... but it doesn't look like it's armed with anything.


Rampant for over five years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

This is a Boarding Ship. Look at this website.

it's a boarding ship

Isn´t it a Seeraph

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It is definetly a boarding ship.