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Is This The Ark?

The ancient structure buried in Africa that the Covenant seem to want so much. The Prophet of Regret may have been here already, but he left and fled to Delta Halo.

Now the Prophet of Truth is back. He told the Covenant the Great Journey begins at Earth. But what does he mean by that? What is this artifact, and perhaps more importantly, what does Truth think it is?

Rampant for over se7en years.


if you look at the bottom of the picture in the center you can see the Master Chief standing there looking at the artifact(perhaps holding an SMG)

-The CHAMP is here!

Yeah it's close it's actually the assualt rifle from Halo 1.

Yes that is the master chief, but the gun he is holding to me looked alot like the assault rifle from halo 1, i believe that it will reappear in halo 3. Also if you have an xbox 360, such as myself, download the announcement reailer from marketplace and it say's that that artifact is the Arc*.

thanks for the help on the weapon that the MC is holding. I'm going on Live today so i might send you a friend request so mabye we will be able to do matchmade together. my XBL is TimmyChamp so see you later.

-The CHAMP is here!

the ark is forerunner ship, earth is fornerunner homeworld the index for the ark is in eygpt in the valley of the kings but earth is protected from halos attack because it is forerunners homeworld but i think some flood reached earth but the FRs mangaged to contain them in the valley of the kings with the index then the FRs buggered off somewhere probably millions of years ago leaving earth and now MC wants to get the index but so doe the profets and the monitor and this leads to a full scale war between the monitor and the floods side, the humans and the covenant rebellion side, and the profets, brutes,jackals and drones, and voila! HAlo 3