Sheet Music websites...anyone know?

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Sheet Music websites...anyone know?

Does anyone know of any other websites that have the sheet music for all the songs featured in the first Halo soundtrack?

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Not aware of any

I'm not aware of any; if I was, I'd have included links to them in this section a long time ago.

The fact is, no commercial sheet music exists for the series (at least, not for Marty's compositions) so the only ones that exist are fan transcriptions, and I think the section here is about the most comprehensive one there is. There might be some pieces out there that are missing, but I believe this is the largest single collection.

I think your best bet would be to private message the authors of some of the transcriptions here and ask if they are working on anything new, or if they'd be willing to make some of the pieces you need.

Posting a forum item that you need all the tracks, for a very specific set of instruments, with MIDI files included, by next week, is probably not going to get much of a response; that's a lot of work you're asking somebody to do.

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Rampant for over se7en years.

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